There's a Reason Podiatrists Recommend Akerman's Shoes

There's a Reason Podiatrists Recommend Akerman's Shoes

Orthotics Make Great Running Partners

For over 60 years, podiatrists in the Rockford, IL area have often referred their patients to Akerman's Shoes because we can provide shoes with orthotics that enhance your comfort.
Unlike everyday footwear, orthopedic shoes are specially designed with...

Orthotic footbeds for support, balance, and alignment

Memory foam cushioning for customization and comfort

Antimicrobial technology to keep your feet healthy and clean


Today you can choose from a wide range of stylish shoes. Contact us today to learn about your customization options.



Don't forget to purchase specialty socks

When you are looking for your orthopedic needs, don't forget that the correct socks are a necessity. Akerman's Shoes offers diabetic, compression, and wide calf socks, which are designed to improve circulation and prevent discomfort.